DAMFT Community,
It has been a busy year! As AAMFT voted last year, to dissolve the state chapters, and TAMFT is still deciding on their next steps, DAMFT was instructed by the TAMFT Board at the Annual conference to dissolve or start a new organization.
Members voted on March 23 to cease operations at the end of 2018 and to donate part of the DAMFT funds to cover the filing, legal, and other fees required to begin a new organization to carry on the mission of DAMFT.
As current DAMFT bylaws do not include guidelines for dissolving the DAMFT organization, we decided to follow the Texas State Business Organization Code for the dissolution of a 501(c)6 organization.
Officially, DAMFT will stop active operations on 12/31/18, although this communication is really the last official act.
DAMFT is officially finished actively operating, and the members should rightly be proud of the work that was done while it was operating. Thank you for your support as members of DAMFT.

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